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Joan R. Mylroie has been taking students to the Bahamas since 1977 to do field trips and research at the Bahamian Field Station. The course material varies from intertidal zone to caves to general geography of San Salvador Island. Cave inventory on Mona Island, Puerto Rico, during the summer field seasons in 1997 and 1998 produced more than a mile of surveyed caves. Research with WERI on Guam, Saipan, and Tinian to assess water availability, reservoirs on the island, and general geology and hydrology of the island. Joan has produced the World Geography videotapes for the Broadcast Meteorology Course and the North American Geography videotapes for the Teachers in Geoscience distance learning programs.



MSc. (Biology), Murray State University, 1979
MSc. (Science Education), Syracuse University, 1971
A.B. (Zoology), Syracuse University, 1970


Work Experience

Instructor of Geography, Mississippi State University, 1996-present
Lecturer of Geology & Geography, Mississippi State University 1994-1996
Faculty Assistant, Bahamian Field Program, 1986-present.
Assistant Director, NSF CAUSE Program grant, Murray State University 1980-1982.
Temporary Faculty, Biology Dept., Murray State University May 1979-1980.
Associate Staff Microbiologist at the General Electric Research and Development Center, 1972-1977


Honors/Awards/Offices Held

  • Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi in 1970 by Syracuse University. Initiated into Sigma Xi in 1980 by Murray State University based on research at General Electric Co. and Murray State University.

  • U.S. Patent Number 3,923,597 December 2, 1975. "Mercury Concentration by the Use of Microorganisms." Chakrabarty, A.M., Friello, D.A., Mylroie, J.R.

  • National Speleological Society (NSS) member and NSS representative to the American Geological Institute in 1997 and 1998.

  • Numerous community service activities for the Starkville Youth Soccer Organization as coach, sponsorship chairman and "Team Mom," Parent-Teacher Association school president, school treasurer (two years), Council treasurer (2 years) and numerous committee chairs. Trinity Presbyterian Church Sunday School teacher (1986-present), semi-annual Blood Drive Coordinator, and elder.


Selected Publications and Presentations:

Mylroie, J.E., Mylroie, J.R., Jenson, J.W. and Wexel C., 2001(abstract), Cave and Karst development of Saipan: Program of the National Speleological Society Annual Meeting, p. 74-75.

Gamble, D.W., Mylroie, J.E., Jenson, J.W., Carew, J.L., Taborosi, D., Jocson, J.M.U., Vann, D.T., and Mylroie, J.R., 2001 (abstract), Freshwater resources on Guam: Calculating halocline position and fresh water discharge via temperature profile: Proceddings of the 10th Pacific Science Intercongress, p. 104

Gamble, D. W., Mylroie, J. R., Mylroie, J. E., Taborosi, D. S., and Jenson, J. W., 2000, Field assessment of coastal fracture discharge on the northwest coast of Guam using temperature sensors. Limestone Island Aquifers Conference, June 8, 2000, University of Guam.

Mylroie, J. R., Gamble, D. W., Taborosi, D. S., Jenson, J. W., Jocson, J. M. U., and Mylroie, J. E., 2000, Air and water cave temperature variation in three cave types in Guam, USA: Implications for aquifer characteristics. Abstracts, National Speleological Society annual meeting, p. A-15 - A-16.



  • 1999 Schillig Special Teaching Projects Program Award "Computer Generated Slide Presentations to Enhance Introduction to World Geography."

  • 2000 Preparing Teacher's to Deliver Technology Rich, Problem-Based Learning Experiences program.

  • 2001 Schillig Special Teaching Projects Program Award "Enhanced Learning via Audio Addition in Introduction to World Geography."






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